Metal Gear Saga


Virtuous Mission
Metal Gear Solid 3 is set during the Cold War in 1964, where Naked Snake is sent to the jungles of the Soviet Union. Aided over radio by Major Zero, Para-Medic, and his former mentor The Boss, his mission is to rescue a defecting Soviet scientist named Sokolov who is secretly developing an advanced nuclear-equipped tank called the "Shagohod." The mission goes smoothly until The Boss defects and provides her new benefactor Colonel Volgin with two Davy Crockett miniature nuclear shells. Sokolov is captured by the Cobra Unit and Snake is heavily injured in combat by The Boss, allowing Volgin and his cohorts to escape with Sokolov. Volgin detonates one of the nuclear shells to cover up its theft, which is subsequently blamed on The Boss.

Operation Snake Eater

Having detected the US aircraft which deployed Snake flying over Soviet soil, the Soviet Union declares the United States responsible for the atomic attack, tipping both nations to the edge of a nuclear war. In a secret conference between US President Lyndon Johnson and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, a deal is hatched to prove the US's innocence and restore peace. The United States agree to stop Volgin's renegade faction, destroy the stolen Shagohod and eliminate the American defector, The Boss.

A week after being rescued from the region, Snake is redeployed into the Soviet jungle as part of Operation Snake Eater, to fulfill the United States' promises. During the mission, he gains the assistance of another American defector, ex-NSA agent EVA, who defected a few years earlier. After numerous encounters with the elite Ocelot Unit (led by a young Ocelot), and defeating nearly every member of the Cobra Unit, Snake succeeds in locating Sokolov and the stolen Shagohod, only to be captured in Volgin's military fortress, Groznyj Grad. After witnessing the apparent death of Sokolov, Snake is tortured and has his eye injured when Ocelot shoots to kill EVA; Snake ultimately escapes.

When he returns to the facility to destroy the Shagohod, Snake learns of The Philosophers. Made up of the most powerful men in the United States, Soviet Union, and China, they are an Illuminati-like organization who control the world behind the scenes. However, after the end of World War II, they began to fight amongst themselves, and the organization broke down. The Philosopher's Legacy, a fund the organization had jointly amassed to finance their wars ($100 billion, about $1 trillion today when adjusted for inflation) was divided up and hidden in banks all over the world. Volgin had illegally inherited this money, and Snake learns that the US is attempting to retrieve it.

Snake continues his mission, destroying the facility and the Shagohod tank, while engaging Volgin, who is killed by a bolt of lightning during the battle. Snake and EVA travel to a lake, where a ground effect vehicle is hidden. Before they use it to escape the region, Snake confronts his old mentor, The Boss, whom he must kill to complete his mission. During this time a cut scene is shown stating that The Boss gave birth to a child (the father being The Sorrow) during a battle. Before this time however, during a radio call, EVA tells Snake that the reason Ocelot achieved the rank of major at such a young age was due to the fact that his parents were legendary soldiers. She also tells Snake that Ocelot's mother needed to cut Ocelot out during the birth, leaving a snake-like scar. This scar is seen on The Boss, which proves that she is Ocelot's mother. After an emotional battle, Snake overcomes his feelings and defeats her. He and EVA escape to Alaska, and spend the night together. During the night EVA disappears, and leaves behind a tape revealing herself to be a Chinese spy sent to steal the Philosophers Legacy for China. The tape continues, and EVA reveals that The Boss did not defect to the Soviet Union; rather, she was under orders to pretend to defect so she could infiltrate Volgin's ranks and find the location of the Legacy, which could be brought back to America. The final part of her mission was to sacrifice her honor and die at the hands of Snake, under the guise of a traitor, to prove the US's innocence in Volgin's nuclear attack from the beginning of the game.

Snake is awarded the title of "Big Boss" and given the Distinguished Service Cross for his efforts. Later, he arrives at an anonymous grave, The Boss', just one of thousands in the huge military cemetery he visits. Laying down The Boss' gun and a bouquet of lilies upon the nameless gravestone, he scans the endless rows before him, salutes, and sheds a single tear.

After the credits roll, Ocelot is heard talking (a telephone conversation), and reveals that the microfilm containing the information on the Philosopher's Legacy given to EVA was a fake, that Ocelot himself was ADAM, that half of the real legacy is in the hands of the US Government thanks to Snake, and that he was working for the CIA.


Six years after the events of "Operation: Snake Eater", portrayed in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Naked Snake's former team, FOX Unit, has broken their allegiance with the CIA and gone renegade. Snake himself is also targeted by the FOX Unit, which sent renegade FOX Unit soldiers to attack and capture him. The game begins with Snake being tortured and interrogated by one of the members of FOX, Lieutenant Cunningham, who's trying to locate the whereabouts of the missing half of the Philosopher's Legacy, with the United States Government having already acquired the other half of the Legacy from the Soviet Union at the conclusion of Snake Eater. Snake is imprisoned in a cell next to Roy Campbell, the sole survivor of an American Green Beret team sent in to investigate the base. Snake learns through Roy that they're on the San Hieronymo Peninsula, the site of an abandoned Soviet missile silo in Colombia.

The two escape and Snake makes his way to a communications base, where he attempts to contact his old CO, Major Zero. Instead, he is greeted by his old FOX comrades Para-Medic and Sigint, who reveal that Snake and Zero are being accused of instigating the revolt and that the only way for Snake to clear their name is to find and apprehend the leader of the rebellion, Gene. To complicate matters, Gene has also convinced most of the Russian soldiers stationed on the base to join their side by simply taking over the chain of command of a former Red Army unit, that was secretly stationed inside the Colombian territory. In order to complete his mission, Snake must persuade enemy soldiers to join his ranks because of the scale of his mission.

Snake and his squad defeat the top members of the FOX unit (if defeated by reducing their stamina to zero instead of their HP, some of the FOX members will join Snake's squad, this includes Null and Python) and eventually they make their way into Gene's guesthouse. Snake learns many things on his way. Cunningham was working for the Pentagon and wanted Snake to push Gene into launching a nuke to Russia to prolong the Cold War (so the Pentagon could keep their importance). Gene was actually aware of this plan the whole time from information from Ocelot. Gene really wanted to launch a nuke at America to destroy the Philosophers and to make his nation of soldiers, "Army's Heaven". Snake destroys an experimental model of Metal Gear codenamed RAXA and eventually defeats Gene, destroying the real Metal Gear itself afterwards. After Gene is defeated he gives Big Boss the funds, equipment, personnel, and all other information regarding Army's Heaven, telling him that one day, he will need to use them. On his return home, Snake is awarded for his actions and establishes FOXHOUND afterwards. In the end it is revealed Ocelot kills the DCI and takes the Philosophers documents to "end them". After the credits, Ocelot speaks with an unknown man, (referred to earlier by Gene as "the man with the same codename as Null") on the phone. Ocelot speaks of using the Legacy to form the Patriots in place of the Philosophers. Ocelot actually wanted the trajectory data of the nuke to point to the DCI so he would bring the documents right to him. Ocelot requests Big Boss be able to 'join' them (he and the man on the phone) in their new endeavor - becoming the Patriots.

  • In 1972, the Les Enfants Terribles project produced clones of Big Boss. Solid Snake and Liquid Snake. Somehow a third clone survives, Solidus Snake. Liquid Snake carries all of Big Bosses dominant genes, while Solid Snake has the recessive genes. Solidus is a perfect clone, an exact copy with the dominant and recessive genes.


An unknown military force equipped with the latest weapons has established a presence in Costa Rica in 1974. The Costa Rican government could not do anything about them because the country's constitution bans the creation of an armed forces. The nation has tapped Naked Snake and his Militaires Sans Frontières (Soldiers without Borders; Outer Heaven's predecessor) mercenary company to turn back the threat, which could endanger the balance of power between the East and West.

  • Sometime in Liquids life, he either meets Big Boss, or is raised by him for a period of time. Big Boss shows discontent with Liquid, and tells him he is the one with the recessive genes, saying that Solid Snake has the dominant genes.

  • Solid Snake is most likely adopted. He is given the first name of David, his last name is unknown. David is raised by many people.

  • David joins the US military at some point in his life, and is selected to join the FOXHOUND unit, which is led by Big Boss. Unknown to David, he is a clone of Big Boss, a "son" of Big Boss. David receives the codename of Solid Snake.


1995, 200km north of Galzburg, South Africa, lies Outer Heaven, a fortified state founded by a legendary mercenary. Word had gotten out to the western world that deep within the Outer Heaven stronghold, a weapon of mass destruction was being constructed. Government officials order the high-tech Special Forces unit FOXHOUND to infiltrate the fortress, access the situation and neutralize the threat. In a mission known as "Operation: Intrude N312," FOXHOUND operative Gray Fox infiltrated the Outer Heaven stronghold. Days later, contact with Gray Fox is lost and his last transmission simply reads "METAL GEAR..."

Operative Solid Snake, FOXHOUND's newest recruit, is ordered by leader Big Boss to rescue Gray Fox and carry out his mission, the mission is known as "Operation: Intrude N313".

Upon insertion into Outer Heaven, Snake makes contact with local resistance members Kyle Schneider, Diane, and Jennifer. Using all of his skills and the equipment he procured on site, he manages to rescue Fox. He learns from Fox that Metal Gear is the codename of a nuclear warhead-equipped bipedal walking tank, which can engage and dominate in all forms of combat as well as launch its nuclear warheads from any location. Outer Heaven plans to use Metal Gear to impose itself as the new world superpower.

In order to destroy Metal Gear, and topple the Outer Heaven mercenaries, Snake rescues the lead engineer of Metal Gear, Dr. Drago Petrovich Madnar, and his daughter, Elen. Armed with information on how to destroy Metal Gear, his skill and indomitable spirit, Snake fights through the entire Outer Heaven force. He begins to notice that traps being set for him are too precise, and wonders how information on his activities is being tracked. Moreover, Schneider is wounded by hostiles and is presumed dead after losing contact with Snake.

Upon destroying the powerful Outer Heaven defense system, Snake is able to neutralize Metal Gear. As he makes his way out of the compound's basement, he is confronted by the mysterious mercenary leader of the Outer Heaven forces, who turns out to be Big Boss himself.

Big Boss has been using his connections in the U.S. government to establish his own mercenary force, corrupt and steal military intelligence, and fund his activities. It was his aim to have Outer Heaven become the world's most powerful nation, with him at the top. He had the rookie Snake sent in, hoping to have him captured and feed the U.S. government misinformation, but had underestimated Snake's capabilities.

Having lost Metal Gear and much of his force, Big Boss starts the self-destruct sequence for the compound, and an underground battle ensues between Big Boss and Solid Snake. Despite injury, Snake defeats Big Boss and escapes the Outer Heaven compound as it crumbles in flames behind him. Big Boss stays behind and is presumed dead after the explosion.

  • Solid Snake joins CIA as a deep cover agent.

  • Leaves the CIA and becomes a mercenary.

  • Retires in Canada.


By 1999, the Cold War had thawed, and nuclear disarmament by the major world powers promised a bright beginning to the 21st century. Despite this, all was not well in the world. A series of shocks to the oil market spurred the development of new high-tech energy sources, including fusion power. However, most vehicles still relied on oil for power.

Oil reserves were at a critical low, and the world community was prepared to take drastic measures, either by drilling into sand and shale for more oil, despite the difficulty -- or moving on to renewable fuels.

Such steps proved unnecessary when a Czech scientist, Dr. Kio Marv, successfully bio-engineered a new species of algae, OILIX, that could produce petroleum-grade hydrocarbons with little expense and effort. Marv presented the algae to the World Energy Conference in Prague, and was on his way to a demonstration in the United States when he was kidnapped by soldiers from Zanzibar Land. NATO discovers that Zanzibar Land's leaders plan to hold the world hostage by controlling the supply of oil, and some good old-fashioned nuclear brinksmanship, courtesy of a stockpile of nukes.

Solid Snake is brought out of retirement by FOXHOUND's new commander, Roy Campbell, and is sent to Zanzibar Land to rescue Dr. Marv. On the course of his mission, Snake teams up with Holly White, a CIA operative posing as a journalist, and Natasha Markova, a former StB agent and Dr. Marv's bodyguard. He is also reunited with Dr. Petrovich Madnar, the Metal Gear inventor from Outer Heaven, who claims to had been captured once again to build another Metal Gear tank (called Metal Gear D) for Zanzibar Land. Snake learns from Dr. Petrovich, that Big Boss, Snake's former commander, was alive and well, leading Zanzibar Land's forces.

However, upon reaching the suspension bridge leading to the Detention Camp, Natasha is killed by a missile fired by Metal Gear and Dr. Petrovich is recaptured by the enemy. The new Metal Gear's pilot is revealed to be none other than Snake's former mercenary buddy Gray Fox. Determined to accomplish his mission, Snake fights against Zanzibar Land's elite mercenary force (which includes former Outer Heaven resistance leader Kyle Schneider, now a member of the Black Color ninjas) and manages to reach Dr. Marv's cell.

Unfortunately, Snake arrives too late, as he finds Dr. Marv's corpse, who was unabled to survive the repeated torture sessions, along with Dr. Petrovich, who was unabled to save him. Just before Snake could retrieve the OILIX formula left by Dr. Marv, Holly reveals via a radio message that Dr. Petrovich was not captured after all, but was in Zanzibar Land voluntarily overseeing the development of Metal Gear. After the truth comes out, Dr. Petrovich attacks Snake, but the fragile old man is quickly overpowered by Snake.

With OILIX formula in Snake's hands, Snake was confronted by Gray Fox and Metal Gear D once again. After successfully destroying Metal Gear, Snake found himself in a minefield. The two engaged in hand-to-hand combat against each other and Snake eventually emerged as the victor.

After defeating Fox, Snake was forced to do battle with Big Boss. With no weapons at his disposal, Snake was forced to improvise and make a homemade flamethrower consisting of a cigarette lighter and a can of hairspray. Taking Big Boss by surprise, Snake defeated him for the second and last time.Before he dies, Big Boss reveals that Snake is his son. Snake and Holly escaped and together, they delivered the OILIX formula to Campbell.

After the situation was defused, Snake disappeared into the Alaskan wilderness, not to be heard from for a long time

  • Colonel Roy Campbell retires from the military.

  • Liquid Snake joins FOXHOUND and receives his title of Liquid Snake.

  • Various soldiers with odd powers and skills join FOXHOUND. Some include Revolver Ocelot, Decoy Octopus, Vulcan Raven, Sniper Wolf, and Psycho Mantis.

  • Liquid Snake is appointed command of FOXHOUND.


During a training mission on Shadow Moses in February of 2005, a nuclear weapons facility on a remote island off the coast of Alaska, the Next-Generation Special Forces unit rebels against the United States government, led by the covert wetworks team FOX-HOUND. Their target is the advanced weapon system "Metal Gear REX", a gigantic robotic weapons platform able to independently launch a nuclear warhead at any target on the face of the planet. They have one demand: the body of the greatest soldier who ever lived, Big Boss. The Next-Generation Special Forces, already the subject of advanced gene therapy, could use the genes of Big Boss to make them the ultimate soldiers. The government cannot let this happen. At the request of the Secretary of Defense, Colonel Roy Campbell, the former commander of FOXHOUND summons Solid Snake out of retirement and sends him to infiltrate Shadow Moses in one last solo covert operation.

Aiding him in his mission are Dr. Hal Emmerich, a.k.a. "Otacon", the developer of this Metal Gear; Meryl, Col. Campbell's niece; and a team of the top specialists in various fields, who communicate with Snake via a two-way radio dubbed the Codec. Opposing him are FOXHOUND's members, elite—if highly unusual—special forces operatives with mercenary backgrounds, led by Liquid Snake, the man with the same codename—and face—as Solid Snake.

Snake defeats each member of FOXHOUND, killing all of them but Revolver Ocelot, who escapes merely with a chopped off hand.

In the middle of his battle against FOXHOUND, Snake encounters a kind of cyborg ninja, who thirsts only for battle. This mysterious figure turns out to be Gray Fox, Snake's former FOXHOUND comrade who defected to the enemy and fought against Snake in Zanzibar. After being tricked into activating REX, Snake is confronted by Liquid, who reveals that they are twins. Each of them is a genetically-manipulated clone of the 20th century's greatest soldier, Big Boss, FOXHOUND's former leader. Snake's sins as a soldier, and his destiny to follow in his "father"'s footsteps, loom. With the support of the cyborg ninja, Solid Snake fights a decisive battle with Liquid and REX. Snake succeeds in defeating REX. Gray Fox is killed in this battle by Liquid, who smashes Gray Fox with REX. Snake is then forced to fight Liquid on the carcass of the destroyed Metal Gear. After a long and protracted struggle, Snake finally defeats Liquid and escapes Shadow Moses with Meryl to find his own purpose.

  • Meryl and Snake split up.

  • Ocelot has his missing arm replaced with one of Liquid Snakes.

  • Solid Snake teams up with Otacon to create Philanthropy, an anti Metal Gear group that’s officially recognized by the UN.


Tanker Chapter

Late 2007, two years after the events of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (presumably sometime during or after August 8), on the George Washington Bridge in New York City Solid Snake and Otacon now belong to Philanthropy, a UN-recognised organization formed in order to eliminate the various Metal Gears constructed due to Revolver Ocelots distribution of the Metal Gear REX blueprints on the black market. Snake, aided by Otacon via codec, is investigating the new Metal Gear RAY being developed by the Marines to guard against the proliferation of REXes. While the Marines transport RAY offshore aboard the oil tanker U.S.S. Discovery for testing, men in uniform invade the ship by helicopter and dispose of all the Marines that were on duty. Snake sees a man with a Russian-military style haircut. Judging by that and the Kamov helicopter he hears, in addition to the AKS-74u's the men have, Snake figures that the men are definitely of Russian origin.

Snake continues his mission as scheduled, despite the invasion. His first task is to make his way to the bridge of the ship and find the coordinates of RAY's test site; his next is to obtain four photographs of Metal Gear RAY from different angles and upload them directly to Otacon. Snake arms his M9 Tranqulizer and proceeds to the bridge.

As he makes his way to the bridge, he finds that the coordinates are set in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Just as Snake sends the coordinates, he notices someone outside in the rain. Snake ends his conversation with Otacon and goes to investigate.

Snake sneaks by the person, a female, and eavesdrops on her conversation. The woman is Olga Gurlukovich, the daughter of Sergei Gurlukovich the GRU Colonel who gave Fox-Hound a MI-24 Hind-D during the incident at Shadow Moses and the one that Ocelot was to meet with afterwards. As they continue to talk, Sergei orders Olga to leave by helicopter and hide in New York. She protests, arguing that the unit is her life. However, her plea is struck down by her father: "May I remind you that you are carrying my grandchild?". Angered by her father, Olga signals for the helicopter to go on without her. Snake takes this opprotunity to hold her at gunpoint.

Snake directs her to throw her gun overboard, and notices a knife in her sidepocket. He commands her to discard it but she becomes reluctant. Suddenly, the boat rocks and the rain stops for a brief moment. Olga then acts as if she is going to throw the knife, but instead fires a shot from the bottom of the handle of the knife itself. Snake skilfully dodges the bullet and Olga hides herself behind some cargo. The gunfight that ensues ends with the defeat of Olga, who is knocked unconcious by Snake's M9. Snake takes her USP that she took from a dead Marine, but as he leaves, he notices a Cypher-T from the U.S. Army that takes pictures of him and quickly leaves. Otacon contacts Snake and tells him that the man he saw earlier was Sergei and expressed his concerns about the Army's involvement. Then, Otacon mentions to Snake that the information that brought them to the ship was not obtained through him. It was an anonymous tip from someone named "E.E." Otacon mentions that the name of the sender is identical to his half-sister's initials, Emma Emmerich, whom he has not seen in years. Despite these facts, Snake continues down to the holds.

After sneaking past two rooms of Marines being addressed by Marine Commandant Scott Dolph, Snake makes it to the holds containing Metal Gear RAY (where Dolph is, as well). He takes pictures of RAY from the front, front-right, and front-left, then he takes a picture of the MARINES insignia located on RAY's right leg. He goes to computer located within the hold and uploads the photos to Otacon and prepares to leave.

As the Commandant finishes his speech, Ocelot, followed by Sergei and the rest of the Spetznaz unit, hold the entire ship hostage. Sergei holds Dolph by gunpoint and Ocelot holds a detonator wired to explosives placed on key structual points of the ship. As Sergei tells Dolph of his plan to take RAY and revive Russia as a superpower, Ocelot tells Sergei that he was not interested in his plans and told him he was "taking it back". Sergei is angered by Ocelot and fires upon him, but Ocelot kills him and the surrounding Spetznaz with ease, proving that he is the superior gunfighter. Commandant Dolph is killed in the crossfire.

Ocelot then sets off the explovises and makes his way to the **bleep**pit of Metal Gear RAY. Bullets shot from surviving Marines seem to deflect away from him. Snake makes his way towards Ocelot and aims at him, determined to stop him. But when Ocelot turns toward him, something strange happens.

In a familiar voice, Ocelot says to Snake, "It's been a while... brother". Snake knows that is not Ocelot's voice. The voice is that of Liquid Snake, the squad leader of Fox-Hound and the brother of Solid, who died during the Shadow Moses incident from Fox-Die. Ocelot's right arm, sliced off by Gray Foxduring Shadow Moses, was replaced with Liquid's arm. Somehow, the arm seemed to retain the soul of Liquid, who proceeded to possess Ocelot.

Ocelot/Liquid enters RAY and looks down at Snake, saying "You don't have what it takes after all!!". He then blasts his way out of the tanker with RAY's hydro-cannon and heads off into the ocean. Snake drifts under the water as tanker sinks. Ocelot regains control of RAY (and his body) and tells his boss, to whom he refers as "Mr. President", that everything is going according to 'plan'. Otacon screams into the codec for Snake but receives no answer.

  • The Big Shell is created.

  • Sometime between 2007 and 2009 Solid Snake and Otacon retrieve Liquid Snakes remains and use them to convince the world that Solid Snake is dead.

Plant Chapter

This chapter begins on two more years after the Tanker incident on April 29th, 2009, as players find themselves in control of Raiden (real name Jack). Raiden is a FOXHOUND operative whose mission is to rescue the President and other hostages being held captive in the Big Shell, a decontamination facility constructed two years earlier to clean up the oil spill that resulted from the sinking of the Discovery. He is aided by his girlfriend Rosemary as data manager (the couple's names, Jack and Rose, refer to the protagonists of the film Titanic, just as Hal and Dave appeared in the first MGS title), Colonel Roy Campbell as mission command, and a number of other on-site specialists, including SEAL Team 10 Lt. JG Iroquois Pliskin (instantly recognizable as Solid Snake in mufti, and another name reminsicent of a film character, this time Kurt Russell's Snake Plissken from the Escape from L.A. and Escape from New York films) and NYPD bomb disposal expert Peter Stillman. The party responsible for seizing the Big Shell is the Navy’s Dead Cell terrorist-attack-simulation group (who were modeled after the real-life Red Cell unit), aided by Ocelot and led by a man who calls himself Solid Snake but is actually Solidus Snake, the third son of Big Boss and "a well-balanced masterpiece" (though his origins remain mysterious).

It is revealed that the Big Shell is merely a cover for Arsenal Gear, a mobile underwater fortress defended by a fleet of mass-produced, pilotless RAYs, which is being secretly built as part of a societal manipulation conspiracy by the Illuminati-like Patriots. At the center of this plan is a highly-intelligent supercomputer called "GW," which is designed to monitor, block, and tamper with Internet communications in order to further the totalitarian agenda of the Patriots.

Raiden confronts the various members of Dead Cell, discovers the truth behind Solidus, the Big Shell, the reason for his mission, and his own life. There are also some cryptic revelations about the Patriots themselves. He is aided in his efforts by Solid Snake and Otacon. They succeed in delivering a virus into GW, rendering it and Arsenal useless. Raiden also defeats Solidus atop Federal Hall. Snake and Otacon then set off to locate and stop the Patriots themselves, while Raiden is left to make peace (or attempt to do so) with Rose. What happens to Arsenal Gear itself, which crashes into Manhattan Island in broad daylight, is never explained. The most interesting fact about the story is explained after the credits roll. Otacon is able to decode the virus disc and uncover a list of names of the twelve members of the Patriots' Wisemen's Committee. One of the names belongs to one of Philanthropy's biggest contributors. It also seems the Patriots did reside in Manhattan, but have been dead for about a century.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising?

  • Raiden rescues Sunny, Olga Gurlukovich's daughter, from the Patriots. Sunny is left in the care of Otacon and Snake.

  • Raiden is captured by the Patriots and experimented on. He is rescued by EVA, now known as Big Mama.

  • Worldwide demand for PMC's is increased, resulting in the creation of the SOP system to keep the PMC's in check.


Set in 2014, five years after the "Big Shell Incident" (the events of the Plant Chapter from Metal Gear Solid 2), Metal Gear Solid 4 portrays a world where the restriction of military intervention on foreign soil has been eased, fueling the need for private military companies (PMCs) to fight proxy wars for business purposes. Nanotechnology has become prominent, both to enhance the capabilities and enforce the loyalty of mercenaries. The nanomachine system that PMCs use is called "Sons of the Patriots" or "SOP". The five largest of these PMCs (Praying Mantis, Otselotovaya Khvatka, Werewolf, Pieuvre Armement and Raven Sword) are owned by a single mother company named Outer Haven, operated by Liquid Ocelot. Amassing an army whose manpower rivals that of the United States, Liquid prepares to launch an armed insurrection by taking control of SOP. With the world once again in crisis, a rapidly aging and disillusioned Solid Snake is deployed into the Middle East by Roy Campbell to terminate Liquid. Guns of the Patriots takes place in five locations: the Middle East, South America, Eastern Europe,[16] Shadow Moses Island, and Outer Haven.

Act 1 - Liquid Sun
Snake begins his mission by infiltrating a war-torn Middle Eastern city with a local militia convoy. The militia is locked in conflict with troops from Praying Mantis, one of Liquid's PMCs. After the convoy is decimated by Praying Mantis troops and Gekko units, Snake meets up with Metal Gear Mk. II, a robotic drone Otacon developed to assist him remotely, and receives orders to meet up with Campbell's informants, Rat Patrol Team 01. On the way to the rendezvous point, Snake encounters Drebin 893, a "gun launderer" who can unlock ID-locked weapons found on the battlefield. Drebin agrees to launder the ID-locked weapons Snake obtains as long as Snake provides him with the extra firearms he acquires. After leaving Drebin, Snake meets up with Rat Patrol in the abandoned Advent Palace hotel and is shocked to learn that Meryl Silverburgh is the leader of the team. After Snake and Meryl discuss their assignments and pasts, Advent Palace is raided by Liquid's elite soldiers, the FROGs. Rat Patrol, with Snake's help, escapes the building. Snake continues towards the main Praying Mantis camp, where Liquid was last sighted, and prepares to assassinate him. Before he can carry out his objective, an unknown force causes all of the soldiers in the area to collapse in pain and begin violently attacking each other. The nearby members of Rat Patrol are also affected. As Liquid escapes in his helicopter, Snake also collapses, but as his vision fades, he is given a syringe by Dr. Naomi Hunter and is carried away to safety by Johnny Sasaki, the lone unaffected member of Meryl's team.

Act 2 - Solid Sun
Following Snake's rescue, Otacon receives an encoded message from Naomi, which explains that she is being held captive in South America. Snake plans to take advantage of a rebel uprising in the area to sneak into the base of Pieuvre Armement, another of Liquid's PMCs, where Naomi is being held. Snake infiltrates the area and meets up with Drebin, who reveals that The Patriots are actually a network of five AIs. Four AIs are named after US Presidents: GW, TJ, TR and AL. These are controlled and regulated by the 5th AI named JD (John Doe), the core AI. After Snake finds Naomi, she explains that Liquid is planning to use Big Boss's genetic information to access JD and take control of SOP (Sons of the Patriots), the system of nanomachines and ID-authentifications which allow the Patriots to monitor and control soldiers. She also explains that Snake has only a few months left to live, as his FOXDIE virus has mutated and can now attack anyone, not just the people it was programmed to target; he has become "a walking Weapon of Mass Destruction". After Snake defeats Beauty and the Beast unit member Laughing Octopus, Snake and Naomi escape with Drebin, defended by Raiden, who mysteriously resurfaces as a Cyborg after disappearing for several years. Raiden holds off numerous Gekkos and a resurrected Vamp while Otacon rescues Snake and Naomi via helicopter, but is seriously wounded in the process. Raiden leaps onto the helicopter but soon loses consciousness; before he blacks out, he says that a doctor in Eastern Europe can help him.

Act 3 - Third Sun
On the Nomad, Naomi explains that Big Boss is in fact alive, although a brain dead vegetable. His body is in the control of the resistance group Paradise Lost in Eastern Europe. When Snake locates the group, their leader, Big Mama, reveals herself to be EVA, the surrogate mother of Solid and Liquid and former lover of Big Boss. She reveals the origins of the Patriots, founded by Major Zero forty years ago. An army led by Raging Raven suddenly attacks the group's hideout, and Snake and Mama escape on a motorcycle, along with decoy vans to keep the attackers from finding Big Boss's body. At the end of the chase, the motorcycle crashes, and Mama is wounded. Snake is attacked by Raging Raven, and is forced to fight her. When Snake returns from the battle with Raven, he and Mama escape down a sewer connecting to the Vltava River, where Liquid is waiting for them, and displays his power over SOP by incapacitating an entire army of American troops mentally, through his ability to lock down the system controlling their nanomachines. He incinerates Big Boss, and Big Mama is severely burned attempting to rescue him. The left side of Snake's face is badly burned as he rescues her from the flames. As Liquid makes his escape in a gunboat down the river, Big Mama dies in Snake's arms.

Act 4 - Twin Suns
Liquid's final plan is to destroy JD, the Patriot's main AI, so that he may seize control of the Patriot's entire power structure with GW, which Liquid apparently repaired and took control of shortly after the Manhattan incident. To this end, Liquid plans to use the only WMDs not still controlled by the Patriots: the stealth warheads launched by Metal Gear REX's rail gun, to fire a nuclear warhead at JD, which is housed within an orbiting satellite. Snake returns to Shadow Moses Island, where REX has remained in the nine years after the events of Metal Gear Solid, to stop Liquid from stealing it. After defeating Crying Wolf and a squadron of FROGs, Snake finds that Liquid has already removed REX's rail gun. In the hangar, Snake is attacked by Vamp until the timely arrival of Raiden. Snake fights off a small army of self-destructing Gekko while Raiden finally defeats and kills Vamp, after Snake chemically suppressed the nanomachines which gave Vamp his apparent immortality. Naomi then appears and commits suicide by suppressing her own nanomachines, allowing her cancer to overtake her. Otacon manages to reactivate REX, and Snake and Raiden use it to escape to the harbour. Raiden, defending from the rear, becomes trapped under some rubble, while Snake uses REX to fight a Metal Gear RAY piloted by Liquid. After the fight Liquid reveals his ultimate weapon: a stolen Arsenal Gear prototype called "Outer Haven" onto which he has mounted REX's rail gun. Liquid uses the enormous vessel to try and kill Snake by ramming the dock he is on, but Raiden, having cut off his own arm to escape the rubble is able to singlehandedly stop its progress and save Snake, although he is nearly killed in the process. Outer Haven retreats to move into position to destroy JD.

Act 5 - Old Sun
Aboard the decommissioned battleship USS Missouri, Mei Ling plans to catch up with Outer Haven and launch a strike team consisting of Snake, Meryl and Johnny into it, in order to break into GW's server room and destroy it using a computer virus designed by Naomi and Sunny. Infiltrating the vessel, Snake defeats Screaming Mantis, and is forced to leave Meryl, Johnny, and Raiden behind to hold off the FROGs while he infiltrates the server room. The Mk. III is able to upload Naomi's virus seconds before Snake, already weakened from passing through a microwave-filled tunnel, is overwhelmed by Outer Haven's security drones. The virus infects and crashes all five Patriot AIs, and disables all of Liquids troops and defense systems. Liquid himself meets Snake on top of Outer Haven and tell him that this outcome was all planned, and that Snake himself did it all perfectly. Liquid tells him that his plan to use REX's rail gun was just a diversion so that Snake's own attempts to bring down the system would go unnoticed by the Patriots. Liquid never planned to do it himself. Snake and Liquid Ocelot engage in one final fist fight on top of Outer Haven, where Ocelot's personality breaks through a number of times before dying.

Epilogue - Naked Sin
In the epilogue, Meryl and Johnny are married. Their wedding, held on an airfield, is attended by the members of Rat Patrol, Otacon, Sunny, Drebin, and Campbell. Meryl reconciles with Campbell. Drebin reveals that the Patriots forced him to work as a gun launderer, and that Rat Patrol 01 was also manipulated by the Patriots. Raiden's cybernetic body is reverted to an organic form through surgery, and he reunites with his fiancée Rose and their son. Rose reveals that her marriage to Roy Campbell was a charade to keep her protected from the Patriots during the course of Raiden's mission. Snake attempts to commit suicide in the graveyard housing the graves of Big Boss and The Boss in order to prevent his mutated FoxDie strain from spreading further, stating that killing himself is his "final mission."

Debriefing - Naked Son
After voice actor credits, it is revealed that Snake couldn't kill himself, and he is congratulated for not doing so by a distinct voice, who turns out to be a resurrected Big Boss. Big Boss tells Snake that the body burned on the Volta was actually Solidus, and that he was reconstructed with stem cell surgery using parts from both Solidus and Liquid's bodies. He brings Major Zero along with him, now extremely elderly and confined to a wheelchair in a vegetative state. Big Boss explains Zero's motives for creating the Patriots, and subsequently euthanizes him, saying that"everything need to be brought back to Zero for the world to renew". He reveals that Ocelot and EVA had left the Patriots, and had since had been working to destroy them. He also reveals that Ocelot used hypnosis and self-suggestion, as well as nanomachines, to mentally transform himself into Liquid's dopplegänger in order to fool the Patriots. Both Ocelot and EVA were killed by a new strain of FoxDie injected into Snake (by Drebin, in Act 1) that also neutralized the older FoxDie strain. After telling Snake this, Big Boss also reveals that the newer FoxDie is already affecting him. He finally makes peace with Snake and before dying on The Boss' gravestone says: "This is good... Isn't it?".

In the coda, Snake explains to Otacon that he will spend his remaining days attempting to simply live his life (and also plans to quit smoking). Otacon wishes to come with him in order to chronicle the last days of Solid Snake. Snake initially refuses but, with some persuasion, ultimately relents, allowing Otacon and Sunny to accompany him.


Perbedaan antara orang-orang di Chatting dan di Dunia Nyata

Welcome Back to another one of my posts..kali ini kita akan membahas perbedaan antara orang-orang di Chatting dan di Dunia Nyata..iya lo semua pasti taulah artinya apaan...umpamakan ada orang bernama Pandci ..dan dia punya temen namanya Resrum,jika di dunia nyata si Pandci menyapa "Eh halo Resrum! haha apa kabar lo!" si Resrum akan menjawab "Eh Pandci! gue baik baik aja kok! udah lama gue nggak denger dari lo! lo apakabar juga!?" itu yang akan terjadi jika di dunia nyata..BUT! jika kita bandingkan dengan dunia chatting! mari kita lihat.."eh halo Resrum haha apa kabar lo!" si Resrum akan menjawab "bae


Itu lah sodara sodara perbedaanya...ini lah daftar teman teman saya lagi!

(asemua ini dari sudut pandang saya, jika ada yang tidak sesuai maklumkanlah)

Rayindra Brayanyo : dia
seru seru aja kok kalo diajak ngobrol di asli maupun maya..soalnya emang dia orangnya asik dari sananya

Fatih Aulia : dia juga seru seru aja tapi suka ga sabaran kalo chatnya dibales, di dunia nyata dan di dunia maya sama sama seru

Muhammad Aditya Abdurrahman : walaupun saya jarang chat ama dia, tapi dia sama saja kalo ngomong di dunia nyata ato di dunia maya, tidak ada beda

Muhammad Nur Indra Setiawan : ini orang emang aneh dari sananya, di dunia nyata aneh, di dunia maya juga aneh, trus pernah dia kalo chat sok baik sama meida (palsu)

Wahyu Rizky Pratama : dia orang yang bisa ngomong 1000 kata dalam 10 detik, omongannya sangat cepat dan hampir tidak jelas, tapi kalo di dunia maya dia ngomongnya biasa saja, seru seru juga

Irfan Alvianto : one word.... HOMO

Luthfi Laudri Nadhira : dia juga kalo di dunia maya dan di dunia nyata asik asik aja, emg udahh seru dari sananya

Kevin Mara Syaiful : keseruannya ama kengeselinnya dan kengawuran omongannya sama aja antara nyata dan maya.

Bonavacio Diaz Kevin : omongan dia memang selalu ga penting, mau di dunia manapun juga, tapi kocak

Mahdeka Pratama Putra : dia kalo di dunia maya biasa aja, ga kocak, kalo di dunia asli kocak bgt ngomongnya, apalagi teriak dan ketawanya

Arham Rahmat Ismail : dia ini emg orang gila, sama gilanya di dunia manapun, memang orang yg benar benar gila

Renjana Setyoandara Wibisono : orang yang tidak seru kalo di dunia maya, kesannya sok cool, gitu, padahal imoetz, kalo di dunia asli dia kocak omongannya, apalagi kalo udah memaki orang

Kartika Aisyah :
tidak beda antara kedua dunia, dia selalu ada topik, jarang banget nggak ada topiknya..misalnya topik ini abis,pasti dia selalu aja ada yang baru,gue lebih sering ngobrol sama dia si dunia chatting sih dibanding dunia asli. Intinya dia diajak ngomong apa aja jalan.

Irfany Roihana Putri : orang gila bacot ngomongnya aneh dan sering salah ngetik kalo di dunia maya, walaupun gila dan berisiknya sama aja antara dua dunia.

Irfana Thahirah Putri : dia juga sama aja dengan kakaknya, tapi lebih normal, kalo diajak ngomong asik, walaupun suka ga jelas

Yulvia Rahmi : dia orangnya asik asik aja kalo di dunia maya, tapi beda dengan dunia asli, dia jadi sok gimana gitu

Yasmine Aulia Aristiani : dia orang yang asik diajak ngomong di manapun, bacot, banyak omong, di dunia nyata maupun dunia maya, seru seru saja

Dana Paramita kusumawardani : ga enak ngobrol ama dia di dunia maya, ga bisa dilatahin

Anindya Pramudita : kalo dia di dunia maya berisik bgt, kalo dikasi satu hal random pasti langsung heboh, tapi kalo di dunia nyata dia jadi diem

Allya Hastono : Di dunia maya dia sering sekali menggunakan -_- dalam tulisannya, kalo di dunia asli -_- di perlihatkan dari mukanya yang emg kayak gitu, seru seru aja sih diajak ngomong

Dhiyan Faza Khalisa : orang yang asik di ajak ngomong di dunia maya, orang yang menghargai orang, selalu membalas chat, kadang suka ngelawak jayus, tapi kalo di dunia maya dia pendiem.

Atika Aziza : dia orang yang asik diajak ngobrol di dunia maya, suka ngelawak jayus, ngomong ga jelas, tapi seru. Tapi kalo di dunia nyata dia sangat pendiam.

Anggita Aisha : Asik asik saja di dunia nyata maupun di dunia maya

Nova Dana Eka Putri : Orang yang seru juga di dunia maya, sering meminta advice , kalo di dunia nyata kurang tau deh, jarang ngobrol sama dia

Rahmi Amanda Putri : biasa biasa aja sih kalo diajak ngomong di dunia maya, kadang kadang suka ngelawak juga seperti sasa, agak beda dengan dia di dunia nyata

Sheila Aulia Harunsyah Gumay : Orang yang asik asik saja diajak ngobrol di dunia nyata maupun maya, walaupun itu tergantung dari moodnya, org yg sangat moody

jika ada yang belum disebut mohon maaf... terima kasih telah membaca post yang tidak penting ini.


Nobody likes me

Sunny day
Now i am blinded
In my mind
Nothing can help myself
And nobody likes me....

yes that's damn right, nobody likes me, in two meanings :

1. i think nobody likes me, not looks or anything, but myself, there's only one afif muhammad fatchurrahman in these universe, and that's what makes myself unique, and i'm proud of it.
2. and nobody likes me, yea maybe there's somebody who likes me, it's not just you who like me just because i'm his/her friends, or because of some reason, what i mean by "like" in here is those who like me for whoever i am. for your understanding, thank you.

and these here are some quotes for you to read :
"We are mirrors, each of us meant
To reflect every bit of the other's karma
We will touch each other's dirtied hands
And grasp their shape." -Bump of chicken - karma

"Those who are skilled in combat do not become angered, those who are
skilled at winning do not become afraid. Thus the wise win before they
fight, while the ignorant fight to win." -Zhuge Liang

"If you can dream it, you can do it" -Walt Disney

"You are what you fear" - Anonymous

"say what you need to say & in the end, you better say too much
than never say what you need to say" -John Mayer - Say

"If you don't understand my silence, how will
you understand my words??" -Anonymous

"Hold your own, know your name, and go your own way"
"if it's a broken part replace it, if it's a broken arm then brace it,
if it's a broken heart then face it."
-Jason mraz - details in the fabric

"The healthy human mind doesn’t wake up in the morning thinking this is
its last day on Earth. But I think that’s a luxury. Not a curse. To
know you’re close to the end is a kind of freedom. Good time to
take…inventory. Outgunned. Outnumbered. Out of our minds. On a suicide
mission. But the sand and the rocks here, stained with thousands of
years of warfare…They will remember us. For this. Because out of all
our vast array of nightmares, this is the one we choose for ourselves.
We go forward like a breath exhaled from the Earth. With vigor in our
hearts and one goal in sight: We. Will. Kill him." -Captain Price

"It takes no time to fall in love, but it takes
you years to understand what love is" -Jason Mraz - life is wonderful

"You’re not obligated to win. You’re obligated to keep trying.
To the best you can do everyday."
"Please, don't ever let your mind, stop you from having a good time."
"practice kindness, and most importantly, practice grattitude."
-Jason Mraz